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Sanitation with vapor pressure

Puliservice uses the vapor pressure technology, also known as dry steam, as a remedy Safe, Effective, Quick and inexpensive way to clean and sanitize the many environments where maximum hygiene is required.

  • Meat industry
  • Pasta industry
  • Industria dolciaria
  • Hospitals
  • Catering
  • Dining rooms
  • Cold stroage cells

The cleaning is guaranteed all through the plant!
Thanks to steam, you can get the ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene - not only for the cleaning of machines, but also for the processing lines, conveyors, overhead chains dragging, production environments, cold stores, community settings.
Our generators alongside the supply of steam at 180 ° C can cleanse by means of a mixture of detergent and hot water, or hot water only.

With the help of appropriate chemicals compatible with the HACCP requirements, the result is a perfectly clean and healthy environment.
Our technical department is available to study the solutions to the problems that are submitted.

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Environment friendly, Flexible, Effective!
With vapor pressure generators, it is possible to remove the dirt even in less accessible spots, easily and quickly.
In the washing step are not damaged delicate parts such as motors, solenoid valves...

In case of stubborn dirt,, an eco-friendly detergent can be added to the steam.

Pulizia macchine utensili con vapore secco

As one of it’s characteristics, the vapor pressure releases little moisture and tends to warm the conductive materials so as not to impair electrical and electronic circuits, leaving the part clean and dry; this allows the fixing of paints and consequently a rapid transition to the subsequent processes processing.
With the addition of products passivating it is possible to avoid the formation of rust after long periods.