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Silos Cleaning

The efficiency of a storage facility in silos can be compromised by packing problems, which affect the smooth operation, or by problems of fouling materials on the inner walls of the silos with the storage decreased inside the silos.

In all these cases the cleaning of the silo is essential to restore the functioning of the whole storage structure.

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With the experience gained over the years all over the country we are able to carry out an accurate silos cleaning, using the best operative technique based on the situation we have to face.

Silos Cleaning Photo Gallery

Silo farina alimentazione umana
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coperchio silos
trattamento a vapore saturo in corso

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In addition, we offer a sanitation service inside the silo which can eliminate bacterias, mold or insects in full compliance with the applicable standards of HACCP, this process takes place through the use of saturated steam at a temperature of 180 ° which ensures the complete elimination of mold and bacterias inside the silo.

Do not take these risks ... Call us!

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