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Lift with an operator

ELECTRIC LIFT SIL-ELECTRIC The Sil-electric is a device which is used to bring the operator inside the silo storage rooms of grain, fodder and seeds. The stroke at which the equipment can operate is 50 meters, its arm is foldable and allows you to go under pipes or high hurdles which are 900 mm above the ground.


  • Frame made of steel structural work on wheels and metal railings integrated.
  • Hoist with # 1 drum for winding rope.
  • Mechanical group with irreversible motor equipped with electromagnetic safety brake and electric brake motor.
  • Winch emergency manual model PL.
  • 1 special steel suspension cable.
  • N ° 1 steel wire rope hoist mounted emergency manual.
  • The nacelle for a single operator and is constructed of steel sections arranged in a square base of 0.50 to 0.50 m and a height of 1.20 m.
  • The floor is made of aluminum slip.
  • Power supply 380V. auxiliary controls, work at a voltage of 48V.

For the realization of this elevator and procedures down the silos are covered by all the rules laid down by EN UNI 1808/99 and DM04/03/82. T.U. security ex 626 and subsequent provisions.

The operator on the crane has a cord that stops the equipment when pulled, and automatically alerts the operator near the winch’s group.