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Silos Disinfestation

Programmed and Regular Silos Cleaning

A program of cleaning of the silos flour / wheat prevents those of being contaminated by insects or molds which make the material unusable for human use

Contamination by: food insects
Some species feed in particularly of food produced by humans for their own use and stored, but the damage can also be produced by other omnivorous species.

Moths: specie of small butterflies (with a wingspan of around1,5-2,5 cm), which feed on the caterpillar stage of food, especially cerealie flour, or derivatives, among them the "Indian meal moth" (Plodiainterpunctella), "Mediterranean Flour Moth" (Ephestiakuehniella), "rice moth" (Corcyracephalonica), "Meal moth" (Pyralisfarinalis)



  • Silvano, infests with larvae meal or seeds already broken by other weed species
  • Darkling Beetle: The larvae feed on flour and derivatives
  • Red flour Beetle, feeds on flour taking unpleasant odor and pink-brown color.
  • Wheat weevil or grain weevil, has an elongated rostrum that allows him to attack caryopses of cereals

In general, infestations can occur at any point in the food chain, from growing in the fields, transport, storage, processing, sale, home filing.
That is why the preventive treatment is so important

The battle against the infestation can be realized by physical means (heating of food with microwave or radio frequencies, refrigeration, centrifugal force for commodities such as flour or wheat grain, vacuum used for finished products, controlled atmosphere with oxygen replaced by nitrogen or carbon dioxide in grain silos) or chemical (insecticides, fumigants, ,pheromones, to capture massive)..
PPuliservice only carries out HACCP treatments ("Hazard Analysis critical control point")

Environmental Disinfection

The disinfectants, which eliminate microorganisms from the environment, are differentiated by spectrum of action, killing action and residual concentration required, contact time, action phase (gas, liquid or dry, after drying). Other important variables are represented by the action of temperature, pH and the presence of other substances such as detergents. It is useful to the rotation of the active ingredients to not select resistant strains.
They are applied by aerosolarizzatori, "ultra low volume" or "ULV", nebulizers, atomizers, sprayers and micro-sprinklers. In other cases, humectants instruments are used (scope fringe, mops and dusters disposable). The application techniques vary depending on the desired effect (disinfection of surface and air, air disinfection, disinfection of pipelines of liquid food, disinfecting large surfaces, disinfection with a descaling effect (high-pressure wash).
The disinnfection always goes with constant cleaning and maintenance..