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Gironet® system

Silos cleaning could be a hard and difficult work when using improvised techniques and have and inexperienced staff.
In order to avoid that risk, we put at your disposal high performance remote cleaning tools, among which the GIRONET®. These tools do not require human presence inside the silos.
Our team of professional, competent and experts are at your service for a complete cleaning of the silo safely ... without geographical limit.

GIRONET® is a tool which is made entirely of aluminum especially for silos cleaning; It is formed by an articulated arm that, inside the silo can reach a distance of 4-5 meters radius from the point of entry.
It operates through a motor / rotor compressed air to which are fixed to the ends of the chains made of brass.


  • Total safety of the cleaning process : no human presence inside the silos.
  • Cost: flow cleaning important depending on the hardness of the product.
  • • Cleaning without stopping the production process : 100% of the storage capacity retrived.